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Pratha Naturals

Made in India

Pratha means tradition.

At Pratha we are are developing the traditional old wisdom of scientific Skincare & Haircare back in business with handy use in modern lifestyle.

The experts from all the field are coming together to build the new era of Natural and organic skincare and haircare.

Little more about our products...

Our every step is toward sustainable lifestyle , we are eco-friendly and term of porducts and its packing . Reduce recycle and re-use  are three Rs we are incorporating in our  brand 

we are -

Natural, Organic, handmade  , batch process, GMO free, cruelty free,  No Paraben , No surfactant,  NO synthetic fragrances,  NO dyes,  No DEA,  No EDTA,  No triclosan, No preservatives.

This soap is Certified FDA, Certified Organic , Certified Green Label,  Certified BIS.

   Pratha Naturals believes in the powerful combination of Natural exotic pant based, time tested Ayurveda recipe and Professional expertise from all four fields – Dermatologist, Chemist, Ayurveda Beauty Practitioner, Hair stylist to create products that your hair always wanted.

We maintain the highest standards of quality in terms of performance, comfort and safety with all our products.


Be conscious  about what you choose because your choices makes your health.

Team pratha soap

Word of Mouth

Takes very little quantity per wash, jast use like how you use soap on your body..lovely smell and lather...It made my hair very soft..I didn't expect that..No way I am buying bottles and adding to plastic waste..I am toooo happy of a customer of this brand now💜



I love it way too much

Reviewed in India on 26 August 2021

A very good and useful product. I liked a lot. Made my hair silky smooth and added some volume also. Surely will buy it again.


s. Chatterjee

A trendsetter.

Reviewed in India on 4 October 2021


Hairs became soft and shiny after using this shampoo bar also cleans the hair really well... you can go for it for sure ...



Cleans very well

Reviewed in India on 1 December 2021

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