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pratha naturals hair oils

Hair Oils

Hair oiling, the haircare regime been practicing in India from centuries.
It’s a tried-and-true hair care technique fallowed by hair experts from all over the world.

pratha naturals shampoo bar

Shampoo Bar

  • Deep Nourishing  Nutri enrich shampoo bar!

  • Gives rapid hydration to hairs gives visible effect the hair quality, minimize the breakage dryness and frizziness

  • Soothes unmanageable hair

  • Ultra Luxuriant Hair Elixir.

  • Intense Detoxification- Helps relieve your hair from chronic dandruff & in turn minimizes acne breakouts

beard and mustache oil

Beard and Mustache oil 

Don’t Shave It – Save It !

Get smooth, frizz-free & easy to manage beard.

An ultimate everyday bread styling oil.

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