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Shampoo Bars

Smart yet Classy Hair Essentials !

These are a nice alternative and an awesome way to go sustainable.

These bars  soap-free—which makes it the go-to shampoo for color-treated hair—but it's vegan, eco-friendly, and safe for all skin and most hair types.

This shampoo bar will leave your hair extremely moisturized, conditioned, and soft, thanks to the hero ingredients. Its gives you the next level of hair care

  • Deep Nourishing  Nutri enrich shampoo bar!

  • Gives rapid hydration to hairs gives visible effect the hair quality, minimize the breakage dryness and frizziness

  • Soothes unmanageable hair

  • Ultra Luxuriant Hair Elixir.

  • Intense Detoxification- Helps relieve your hair from chronic dandruff & in turn minimizes acne breakouts

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