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A cooling facial mist might be the one thing you need for a soothing break from the summer heat. It not only refreshes but also imparts richness and glow to your face. It provides various other benefits to your skin.

Cucumber is one of the most refreshing, cooling and nutrient-rich vegetables out there.

What can you expect if you incorporate a cucumber-based toner into your daily routine?  Here’s a quick summary:

It helps to keep your skin at the right pH

After cleansing, your skin will have moved from its optimum slightly-acid state to the alkaline end of the pH spectrum.

It freshens your skin during the day

Whether you work inside or outside, freshening up your skin a couple of times during the day makes you feel brand new and helps to keep your skin hydrated. Keep a bottle of cucumber mist toner in your desk or hand bag. Apply the mist sparingly, to ensure your makeup stays intact. In summer, keep your cucumber mist in the