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Aloe Vera can help exfoliate, restore and provide constant nutrition to human skin. Its soothing and cooling properties help keep the skin glowing.

Moreover, it is said to heal minor cuts, wounds, et al. It is rich in vitamin C, E and beta carotene that gives it its nourishing and anti-ageing properties. Aloe Vera tends to treat the cells on the epithelial level of the skin, which is why it is mostly recommended by beauty experts

Here’s how you can use aloe Vera gel for skin

  • ·        Acts as a Natural Skin Toner
  • ·        Has Anti-Aging Properties
  • ·        Helps Reduce Acne & Lightens Blemishes
  • ·        Soothes Sunburns Like a Pro
  • ·        Skin Exfoliator
  • ·        Soothe Dry and Cracked Feet
  • ·        Eyebrow Gel
  • ·        Overnight Skin Nourishment
  • ·        You can apply aloe Vera to your skin after shaving to reduce redness and irritation, and soothe skin.

Aloe Vera for hair

Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes that repair dead skin cells on the scalp. Moreover, it acts as a conditioner that leaves your hair all smooth and shiny.

  • ·        It promotes hair growth, prevents itching on the scalp,
  • ·        Reduces dandruff, and conditions your hair.
  • ·        Aloe Vera tends to have a chemical that’s almost similar to that of keratin that helps rejuvenate hair, further preventing breakage.
  • ·        Know an amazing hair mask that will help keep your hair healthy.

Light weight | Non Sticky| fortified with  Vitamin E for younger skin |  fortified with Vitamin C for bright glowing skin

MADE WITH UPMOST STANDRED:  Certified FDA | Certified Organic | Dermatologically Tested | Certified Green Label